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Various Succulents


Various Succulents Succulent - Sempervivim - Echeveria - Haworthia - Orbea - Aloe - Sedum - Portulacaria - Gasteria - Euphorbia - Crassula - Opuntia - Stapelia - Pachypodium 7 cm succulent (Trays(18 Succulents), Colour Pots)/(Trays(24 Succlents), Brown Pots) 9 cm succulent (6 pack with handles(Succulents Branded) 12 cm succulent (Brown Pots, [...]



Lavender - (Margaret Roberts, Stoechas) Lavender: - Margret Roberts - Stoechas - Dentata 15cm Pots Bush 4 Packs with handel 15cm Plastic Pots Plastic Only Pot Covers Available - Lavender branded March to September Conditions dependant: all year round Label No label available [...]



Hydreangea (hortensia) Black/Tan Plastic Only November to Feburary, no later than March This plant starts to flower in November and continue to do so through till the end or February(water, soil, heat dependant). Hydrangea 16.5 cm Potted (white/ Pink) Hydrangea plant Height: 35cm and up Width: Various [...]



Gerbera "Mini" Gerbera "MINI" 10cm Potted Gerber "MINI" plant Height of flower: 4cm to 8cm wdith: N/a 9cm Plastic Pots 12cm Terra Cotta 9cm Plastic Pots (Colours Available: Green, Grey, White, Blue, Orange) 12cm Terra Cotta (Colour: Terra Cotta) Available: March —> May The gerbera "MINI" only [...]



Clematis Clematis (creeper) 19cm Clematis plant with 60cm 1 Bamboo stake Pink, Red, Purple, White 19cm Plastic Pots Black Plastic Only Available: October ---> November Starts flowering in october and can carry on flower through to the end of January Label Click me for label [...]